New York Sight Seeing

Looking south across 43nd Street at Madame_Tus...

Looking south across 43nd Street at Madame_Tussauds & Reply (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Carol McFadden

Many cities dont have sightseeing tour buses, and certainly none that match up to the fancy buses that offer guided tours in New York City. Why dont more New Yorkers and tourists take advantage of bus tours in NY? Some New Yorkers are simply too busy enjoying their favorite attractions that they fail to see all New York City sightseeing bus tours have to offer. As for tourists, there are so many attractions to do and see in New York, that you may have never thought to visit. For first time visitors, and repeating tourists, the best remedy for getting all out of your visit, is to see all New York has offer on inexpensive guided tours in New York City.
With roughly a million people living in New York City alone, natives and tourists should take advantage of the somewhat, lesser advantages of taking bus tours in NY. For one, no one on New York sightseeing bus tours has to worry about parking (except for the bus driver of course); or the expensive fee to park. New York Natives and visitors alike do not have to worry about getting lost trying to find the Empire State Building or Washington Square Park.

Cheap is the operative word for New York City sightseeing bus tours. While bus tours in NY are cheap in cost, they are nothing less than exceptional quality guided tours in New York City. For the customers convenience, these New York sightseeing tour buses provide hop on and off passes inexpensively. Even if one doesnt wish to visit Chinatown, see Little Italy or take official guided tours in New York City, this tour is still an inexpensive way to travel and save money, by not buying gasoline or paying car insurance. Natives can also learn some about the history of the famous attractions around the city they live in.

Tourists should take bus tours in NY, because they’re a great way to have fun, see the city sights (on top of a double-decker bus), and save money to spend on all the other attractions, such as a Broadway musical or fine dining at one of New Yorks best eateries. New York sightseeing bus tours give tourists the opportunity to visit and see the city lit at night without feeling overwhelmed by expensive travel packages. If tourists prefer indoor attractions, they can get their photo taken next to one of the many wax figures at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum! Whatever your preference is, a NY bus tour has the option for you.

Arent bus tours in NY boring? They certainly dont have to be! There are many fun things to do besides travel around on guided tour in New York City. Did you know, at least one of the companies that offer New York sightseeing bus tours also offer packaged excursions? This mean natives and tourists alike can enjoy a boat ride of the Shark, a Water Taxi or even a yacht called a Zephyr? Alternatively, guests can fly with 30-minute helicopter ride, circling the Statue of Liberty, which also allows guests to see great views along the Hudson.

Tourists who are not feeling that adventurous and prefer to stay indoors can enjoy a visit to Ripleys Believe It or Not Museum or pose with wax figures at Madame Tassauds. This is why New York sightseeing bus tours are perhaps, the most under-valued gems of the City.