New York City Boot

Cover of "New Shoes"

Cover of New Shoes

By Carol McFadden

To Boot New York has been in the mens designer shoe market for over 25 years and they know what it takes to make an impact in this industry. They offer the trendiest styles no matter the type of shoe or the season. As an added bonus, all of the products are made from all natural materials, which make the shoes comfortable, breathable, and better for the environment as well.

With many successful efforts, and numerous business and personal relationships built in the fashion industry, as well as by being in tune with the world of mens fashion and shoes, Adam Derrick has yet to disappoint. He has set a name for himself and the To Boot New York name, he has done this by listening to the buyers needs and wants.

The Style
Adam Derrick gets the pleasure of showing off each new seasons line of fashionable mens shoes, and he never misses the mark when he anticipates new trends. No matter what kind of shoe you would like, To Boot New York has just what youre looking for in the style and color you want and need. And not only are To Boot New Yorks shoe styles hip and trendy for today, but they will stay trendy because of the timeless lines and classic designs.

The Quality
If youre looking for high quality Italian handmade shoes, then you have found them in To Boot New Yorks line up of stylish footwear. Adam Derrick is once again on scene to choose only the best in French and Italian calf, with all materials and products inspected thoroughly through each step of the hand making process. You can be sure that if you have a pair of To Boot New York shoes, you are not only getting style, but you are also getting outstanding quality. The time honored traditions of shoemaking are alive and well in every To Boot New York factory.

The Comfort
To Boot New York uses some of the most up to date shoe comfort technologies to ensure that you will not only look great in your new shoes, but you will be comfortable as well, even when you first put on a brand new pair. So whether yours are brand new or worn in a bit, your To Boot New York shoes will always be comfortable and fit your feet perfectly. To Boot New York even utilizes fit trial testing to make sure each pair perfectly match with the normal shape and size of a mans foot.


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