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I Love New York logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Carol McFadden

There are a large number stores in New York and so much to see and do that when visiting New York, purchasing keepsakes may be the furtherest thing on your mind. If you like to bring back souvenirs as presents and forget to find a store and purchase New York apparel and other souvenir items, you can always make use of an online shop which sells a range of souvenirs, such as I Love NY caps, bags, and different items of clothing. Some celebrities have accessorized with these keepsake garments, adding style to their fun and plain aesthetic appeal.

How to Wear your I Love New York Shirt

Motto and graphic tees are fashionable and can be shown off with your favorite pair of jeans for a laid-back appearance. An I Love New York shirt received as a gift may be too big, but if you are not able to swap it, you can still find use for it as it would make a good sleep shirt as well. Whether loafing about the house in your PJs or going out to meet a group of acquaintances for drinks or lunch, your I Love New York shirt will display classic laid back cool.

New York T-shirts for Newborns, Infants and Toddlers

If you live in New York and are going to see friends in a different state or overseas, you can take along hip New York T-shirts for the whole family. As well as teen and adult sizes, you can locate New York clothing for toddlers, from iny t-shirts to bodysuits and a whole lot more. If buying for a teen, you might want to select underwear or some other apparel, if you are worried that the recipient may not be keen on the style of the tee. New York shirts can be purchased in long-sleeved styles as well as styles with short sleeves.

Yankee Baby Clothing Looks Cute

You can benefit from on your babys cuteness, or the cuteness of a friend or relations baby, by buying Yankee baby clothing. A baseball outfit complete with team number and original design elements would be appreciated by a baseball-mad dad. From infant Yankee onesies to hooded sweatshirts for warding off the chill, there is a wide range of Yankee baby apparel to choose from, in a variety of colors. Newborns grow quickly, yet garments for all age categories can be purchased, thus you can give the gift of an outfit for a newborn and one for the toddler stage of groth.

Dress Dad in a Matching Yankees Shirt

If there is a big game on and Dad is going to watch the Yankees with his mates, you can dress father and baby in matching Yankees clothing, which will look adorable. Adult-sized Yankees shirts come in a variety of color and style mixes, with a range of text from simple shirts which say Yankees to shirts which display famous players names and field numbers. Long-sleeved Yankees sweatshirts can keep out the chill when viewing a late match, so that there is no discomfort to distract from observing each play.

New York City Souvenirs for Everyone

There are many different New York keepsakes which can be purchased, so that if you are unsure whether a friend or relative will appreciate a garment, you can purchase something which you are positive they will welcome. Smokers will appreciate an NY-themed lighter or ash tray, and there are numerous other non-garment souvenirs which can be found, from New York-themed snow globes to various things of stationary. You can obtain something unique for each individual, in line with his or her preferred hobby or occupation; if there is a corresponding item (stationary makes a personal gift for a writer, for example).

Find an I Love New York Shirt for a Pet

If you own a dog or perhaps family who have a dog, you can find an I Love New York shirt for the furry friend, which becomes a unusual present. In addition to dog shirts you can find dog bowls which have the New York letters on and these also make sweet and funny presens. You can obtain co-ordinating New York shirts for the entire family, including the cherished family pet. For the gatherer of fridge magnets or other collectibles, there are some other keepsake present suggestions.

New York T Shirts for Fans

If you are acquainted with someone who is a keen supporter of an NHL team like the Rangers or thinks highly of a certain NFL player on a New York team, you can obtain a fans shirt or a shirt with a particular players name and number on. Shirts are available for a number of different league teams and in a variety of colors, so there is plenty of variety. There are also accessories such as caps and tote bags which have a logo which pays homage to New York, so you can discover the kind of clothing or accessory which you are aware the receiver wuld like.

Yankee Baby Clothing and FDNY Apparel

If you are obtaining gifts for a family who is crazy about sport, and there is a young baby in the family, Yankee baby clothing makes a great, personal gift, yet there are many keepsake baby garments which are not sport themed on offer too, so that you will be able to discover something for (every family, from FDNY apparel which shows the design of the New York Fire Department, to sweet baby apparel which say FBI or CSI on the front and New York on the reverse.
Alternatives to a Yankees Shirt for Girls

There are numerous different boys Yankees shirts which can be purchased for gifting, but there are also a range of selections for girls, such as Yankees cheerleader outfits for toddlers. Plain v-necks and different shirt styles are also crafted in the style of the Yankees kit. If you are temporarily vacationing in New York or have moved to the Big Apple, you can get many different designs of clothing online and ship them back home to your family, in addition to other keepsakes such as mugs and stationary which are equally practical.


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